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This is very important and great attention should be made in adequately packing your effects in the most suitable manner.


This is very important and great attention should be made in adequately packing your effects in the most suitable manner. Remember they may have a very long journey ahead. The single biggest mistake which we encounter is students packing too many items (particularly heavy books) into one box. We highly recommend that a carton should weigh a maximum of 30 kilos. It is safer and no more expensive to use two smaller cartons than one large carton when they are full of books. 

Overweight cartons tend to be dropped and they may split open. Electrical items such as computers, hi-fi equipment etc. are usually safer when packed in their original boxes if you still have them. If not we do have a large stock of packing materials for protection such as bubble wrap and polystyrene chips etc. Providing common sense is used your goods should travel and arrive safely. 

before and after

To further protect any electrical items in their original boxes we suggest that you disguise the boxes by wrapping them in black plastic bags or similar opaque sheets. As long as they are then clearly marked fragile and the destination name and address clearly visible, the carton should be safe. There is no need for the various people who handle your packages en route to know the contents. To know that they are fragile should suffice. Tudor can disguise these boxes at a cost of £2 per box, similarly, suitcases and bags should be locked securely to protect the contents.

Palletising - What is it?

This is an extra service offered to customers with larger shipments or if they are sharing with fellow students and usually when shipping by sea rather than by air. Our cartons are designed so as to fit exactly on to a wooden pallet base in rows of 4 up to a maximum of 12 cartons per pallet. It also allows you to pack Tudor Module boxes of different sizes together and thus build up the pallet into a perfect cube. 

Loose boxes before palletising
Loose boxes before palletising
Boxes after palletising
Boxes after palletising
Pallets wrappped and ready to go
Pallets wrappped and ready to go
Loading pallets onto truck
Loading pallets onto truck

The main advantage of this optional service is to keep larger shipments of multiple cartons together and makes handling safer and easier. This service also includes wrapping and waterproofing with a black plastic wrap which completely conceals the cartons from view and then securely strapped to the wooden pallet base. The cost for this service is £20 per pallet. 

Packing materials and costs

We are able to supply ALL of the packing materials which you are likely to need. The materials are available for you at reasonable prices. We have a large supply of export cartons which are over 50% thicker and stronger than most of our competitors. We also stock bubble wrap, shrink-wrap, strapping, protective blankets, pallets and other specialist materials e.g. hanging wardrobe boxes. 

Bubble Wrap Bubble Wrap


Bubble Wrap Tape Bubble Wrap



Polystyrene Filling
Materials Cartons

Carton 25
Ideal for the packing of heavier items such as books, files, cd's etc.

Carton 50
Ideal for the packing of clothes, shoes, kitchenware etc

Carton 75 
Ideal for the packing of bulky items such as duvets and pillows, or items which are too tall for the carton 50.

Bike Box Bike Box
These cartons are not sold to clients to pack their own televisions or bicycles. They are only used when Tudor are packing these items on the client's behalf.

Call 0113 2501155 for a price for Tudor to pack your TV or Bike
TV Box Tv Box
Bubble Wrap materials Bubble Wrap

Per 50 Metre Roll - £20.00
Per 10 Metre Roll - £5.00
Per 5 Metre Roll - £3.00
Tape Tape

Standard 66 Metres - £1.50
Polystyrene Filling Polystyrene Filling

Per Box 45 x 45 x 25 - £6.00
Per Box 45 x 45 x 50 - £10.00

Once you are ready to place an order for packing materials please call on 0333 1234747 or email mail@tudorfreight.com and we will be happy to make the necessary arrangements

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"I recently used your services to ship items from Bradford, UK to Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago. I wish to commend your company on the service provided as the whole experience was trouble-free starting with your pick up guy, Damian who was courteous, professional, and helpful. I also received my belongings intact and in a timely manner. Your company also impressed my colleague with whom I had left an item for your collection and shipping.

I have been very pleased to recommend your company to several other students since and will continue to do so once given the chance. I should also note that there were persons observing who after, came and asked about your company. Please continue to keep your high standard of excellence. Much thanks." 

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