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Why Choose Air Freight?

Because it is quicker, more secure and often cheaper than sea freight.

Due to the quick transit time and competitive cost our air freight service is by far the preferred method of transit chosen by the majority of our clients. Although many clients initially believe that sea freight will be the best option for their cargo, they often change their minds after comparing the air freight costs. 

How long does it take?

Whilst transit times can vary to each destination, as a general rule air freight shipments should arrive at the destination within one week of the payment date. 

How is the cost calculated?

It is important to realise that both the weights and the dimensions of the packages can influence the final cost. In most cases it is the actual weight of the packages which will determine the price but if you have items which are large and not heavy then it could be the size which determines the final cost rather than the weight. This is called "volumetric cargo".

What am I not allowed to send?

There are extremely strict rules which regulate what you can and cannot send by air freight. These fall mainly into the following 2 categories.

  1. Dangerous goods: Many items which seem harmless to an individual are regarded as "dangerous goods" when being shipped by air freight. It is against the law to send these items in your packages if they are not declared on the shippers inventory. If you do have "dangerous goods" to send they must be packed and handled in a specialist manner. Dangerous goods are more expensive to send than general freight. The most common types of dangerous goods which a client may have are perfumes, aftershaves, aerosols, used car parts, shock absorbers. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure these items are not shipped alongside normal personal effects without being brought to our attention.
  2. Valuable cargo: We do not accept valuable cargo. This includes cash, traveller's cheques, stamp collections, deeds, tickets, jewellery, watches or similar highly valuable items.
  3. Waste materials. There are strict anti dumping laws which prevent the shipping of scrap metal and used tyres etc. Check if you are unsure.

What documentation is required?

We require the completion of a detailed shippers inventory for every air freight shipment. This can be completed online or in person when our driver collects. For some destinations we will also require a copy of the shippers' passport. Check your destination country guide for more details. 

Keeping track of my shipment.

Once a shipment is booked with the airline we provide each client with the flight details for their shipment. You will receive an email or text message which contains the flight details, air waybill numbers and contact details of a handling agent at the destination. In addition to this information we also have our new sophisticated online tracking system which is available for all air freight clients. You are able to keep up to date with the status of your shipment as it makes its journey to the destination.

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What our clients say

"Hi Adam, I would like to personally thank you for the magnificent, cost effective service you provided in air freighting my products to Japan. I picked up all the packages at Narita airport last Wednesday. There was no damage and all the documents were ready with your agent at Narita. Japanese Customs were no problem. I would certainly recommend Tudor Freight to anybody needing to ship internationally."

Andrew Douglas